Best coatings for your exterior walls

The choice of paint is not exhausted in color. Nowadays, new techniques and materials make the issue a bit more complex. When thinking about the termination we will give to the exterior walls of the house, we must also make decisions regarding different textures, finishes, and thicknesses. There are several types of paints or coatings for facades and exteriors, depending on the available budget, the type of coating desired and the durability. We do a review: The coating of the walls is that layer that covers and dresses the surface providing texture, color, and protection. It not only fulfills an aesthetic function but also serves for the conservation of walls and is the available finishes for waterproof panels.

Exterior coatings that are the available finishes for waterproof panels:

The coating of the walls is the layer that covers and dresses the surface, providing texture, color, and protection. The exterior coatings replace the fine plaster and are placed directly on the thickness. They have fine, medium and thick textures and, depending on how they are applied, they can finish rotated or vertically. The cladding for the outside of a home can be made with different types of materials. Some of the most common options, which are used to change the face of an exterior wall, we find wood, stone, paint or the combination of these with some others. The choice will depend on the house and the style you want to achieve.

Although the exterior of a house says a lot about its inhabitants since it is the visible face of the house, the external walls suffer the inclemency of the weather, they are in constant exposure to the sun, the wind or the rain, which is why the choice of coating, beyond personal taste. Today we present different coating options for exterior walls. So they can evaluate and analyze the various alternatives and then choose the ones that best suit their taste and style. For this reason, our experts will show us today ideas to cover your facade and look spectacular. Ready for our tour and take note for available finishes for waterproof panels?

Wood as an available finishes for waterproof panels

Wood is a very aesthetic material that goes well in all environments, both inside and outside the house. For this case, the owners decided to bet on this material to cover much of its facade and combine it with the black color of the superior design, to give it much more elegance because they have a long duration. For tropical woods, it is necessary that they have a finish based on natural oils that reinforces their impermeability; otherwise, they can get a grayish tone over time.


An indispensable material for a finish that tastes like glory and robustness: stone. A simple, noble, resistant coating that could not be missing to make the simple become vital in a facade is the use of stone. Check out more available finishes for waterproof panels.

Concrete and stone

Basic and simple lines for a facade that puts the emphasis on the texture of the materials looking for aesthetics and practicality, concrete, stone and metal surface in the main door are the protagonists of this modern and very functional design.

Natural wood

The wood covers the entire structure of the house. Numerous vertical and horizontal plates look with great attraction all the exteriors of the house. Of course, this material requires some maintenance and must be treated with a special product for outdoor protection from the outside environment. The wooden slats are easily interchangeable in the event of minor deterioration. The wood is warm and enhances the facade with its natural charm. See some more available finishes for waterproof panels.

Brick in sight

A classic that never clashes and harmonizes with several styles, the brick insight offers a noble finish and is very resistant.

Panels of large tiles

A representative of the modern style, this house of clean and clear lines, has a coating composed of large tiles that can be ceramic or cement. The detail of the door, made of dark gray veneer, with an original central detail that adds transparency to the frosted glass is remarkable. The coating has two types of texture, one smooth in the access area and another with a pattern of thin horizontal stripes that cut the monotony of pink beige.

Glass and cement

The fact is that a modern facade with net lines with a large door in a single leaf with an outstanding vertical hardware. The effect of the large glass panels combined with the painted cement makes this house an elegant and contemporary.

The charm of lattices

It is a decorative architectural element, it is a kind of openwork panel to close openings, like windows and balconies, which prevents being seen but allows to see and let in light and air. They are not used to cover an entire house but they can be applied in certain sectors of the wall creating an incredible effect.


A daring and avant-garde option: completely black aluminum coating, accompanied by a latticework in the shape of diamonds that turns the facade into a striking, original and even futuristic.

Live and green coating

A facade that gives us textures, aromas, color, and movement. An exterior wall covered with leafy and exuberant vegetation that “paints” the house in a sustainable and ecological way. It is a vertical garden on the main wall of a facade with style and personality.

Iron, tiles, and textures

Painted white and covered with a guard of small tiles in yellow and blue this beautiful facade has Mediterranean reminiscences. The iron in the openings, in windows and doors, completes an exterior full of attractiveness. And if you already took care of the walls, now you can touch the turn of the floors, for which we leave you this other book of ideas waiting for you to enjoy it.

Ahead are the available finishes for waterproof panels, we hope till now you would have had a clear idea regarding the available finishes for waterproof panels.

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