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A wooden gavel rests on top of an open law book in front of a row of law books that is out of focus in the background. Photographed using a shallow depth of field.

What do Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? Interestingly, they are world leaders who have studied law. One of the oldest university careers in the world, the Bachelor of Laws, is also one of the most requested and best-qualified titles that guarantee great professional opportunities. For some, studying law means doing justice, which is a noble cause (the world needs many people like that). However, the law is not only for lawyers and courts, it reaches all levels of society: from the protection of life and freedom to international organizations and relations. Any Law Degree is able to assume important roles in various jobs. A brief glance at the benefits of studying law at Abraham Lincoln University will allow you to discover why this profession has remained over time as one of the most sought-after among students from all corners of the planet:

  • Solid academic foundation: Thanks to its comprehensive educational programs, many law courses allow students to combine their legal studies with careers such as business or accounting. This mix of knowledge generates, to a large extent, powerful potential leaders.
  • A large number of professional options: In addition to practising as a lawyer, a legal professional can opt for various positions in fields as diverse as the media, education, trade and industry, social work and politics, among others. The knowledge of the laws is applicable anywhere.
  • Financial stability: Obtaining a law degree may not immediately guarantee success or an inflated entrance of money, but it is close. Any Bachelor of Laws enjoys job security and good salaries, compared to other professionals. The rest will depend on you.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills: The knowledge and tools that are obtained by studying law at v Abraham Lincoln University, allows students to analyze both sides of the same situation or problem to find the best solution; based on a specific reasoning.
  • Ability to make a difference by applying the law: If you have a strong sense of justice and a desire to correct the defects of the system, studying law will provide you with legal knowledge and credentials to promote significant changes.
  • Respect and prestige: Many law school graduates are successful in different industries, and many others have become recognized world leaders. The work is not easy, but those who use justice as a flag will always be worthy of admiration.
  • Social conscience: When a person does not know their rights and responsibilities, it is impossible for them to become a better human being. Studying Laws allows you to understand the reasons behind the regulations.
  • Development of self-confidence: Being part of a Law School is an enriching experience. Very often, students work as a team and participate in debates and discussions, which stimulate and strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Better communication and adaptation tools: Law students at Abraham Lincoln University develop the ability to discuss based on evidence, in a way that can be difficult for other people. This stimulates the acquisition of communication skills, the ability to solve problems and independence of thought; as well as its adaptability to different situations within the race and daily life.
  • Intellectual challenge: After describing the advantages of studying law, you might think that getting a law degree is not easy. In fact, the required standards are high and an outstanding academic performance is expected. However, if you meet the requirements of the university and are determined to devote time and effort to this demanding career, do so. Although it is an intellectual challenge, you will enjoy putting your little grey cells to work. Do you have what it takes to study law? one day that it is not required to be brilliant for that, only common sense and relatively clean nails.

The procedures to enter a private university are more accessible than those of public institutions, which allows having a better-organized enrollment and in the end, good groups are formed small groups, but with great potential. One of the main advantages is that the groups are small, so when studying in a particular institution you will have a personalized attention from your teachers and the teaching-learning process will be easier. A small group represents the opportunity to exchange ideas with several people at the same time, while in large groups they become endless discussions. A formal and carefully constructed group helps students learn to work hard and in a team in a safe and stimulating environment.

Private institutions have relationships and agreements with public and private sector companies so that students can complete their professional internships, social services and even have a broad work portfolio, so their students have a better chance of entering the labor market before graduating.

Private universities promote a better vision of entrepreneurship in their students.

Throughout the years, private schools have gained greater respect and recognition, at the same time as they strengthen their academic excellence, which is why they have been positioned at the top of the national rankings, which is taken into account by the companies when hiring for important positions. Private schools are a good place to make relationships, which will be key to your professional development.

Although private schools are more expensive than government schools, it is well worth making an effort, because with your investment you will have several points in your favor; nevertheless, it is necessary that before making a decision you investigate about the university to which you will enter, since not all private institutions are synonymous with educational quality.

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