The Best Multimeters according to your needs

A multimeter is not usually a common tool at home, but, undoubtedly, it would take away more than a headache if at some point we have breakdowns or power failures. To buy the best digital multimeter on the market, it is enough to determine how often you will use it and what you need it for.mIf you only need a device that helps you to understand measurements on home failures or to take in the car, if necessary, you can opt for a simple pencil type device, but if you are an electricity professional, the safest thing is that you must resort to more complex devices with more advanced functions. Are you looking for the best multimeter, then read ahead?

In either case, it is necessary that you do a mental test to analyze how much you can spend on the purchase of this type of device and whether it will be a device for daily use or only in times of extreme need. With this information at hand, you will know how much you can invest in a device that does the work you need and lasts over time without having to be constantly changing.

The best multimeters:

Following are the best multimeter details;

If you want to get a multimeter, a good way to do it is knowing the characteristics of the devices that are on the market and selecting the one that best suits your requirements and your budget. To facilitate the selection we have made a brief guide with the suggestions of what you could take into account when selecting the best digital multimeter for purchase.

Fluke 115

The one with the backlit screen

If you need to buy a device for professional electronics, this equipment is the ideal one for you. Its most outstanding feature is its backlit LCD screen that facilitates work in areas where lighting conditions are poor.

When putting it on the market, the manufacturers thought of facilitating the work of the professionals with a light, multifunctional and good quality equipment , however, if you are a beginner it also suits you because it is easy to use and has a system that will issue an alert if the amperage or the voltage meter is not configured correctly, instead of giving you a false or zero reading as it happens with other equipment of this nature.

The device of the Fluke brand has, in addition, protection against overloads of 6 kV peak, according to IEC61010 – 1 600V CAT with grade 2 pollution. It has a self-selection system capable of changing from manual to true MRS system to accurately read non-linear load systems and, among other benefits, it displays a record of minimum and maximum average values to detect fluctuations of the signal; a range of voltage DC – 6000 – 0.001V and its measuring range of amperes in alternating current is 0.1A to 10A and in direct current from 0.001A to 10A.

In the opinion of those who have already used it, it is a reliable, safe and precise device that measures voltage and resistance very accurately. It is able to verify in a very short time all the diodes of a plate with the emission of a sound that, to the most expert, makes them dispense with the need to observe the values on the screen. This one is so far the best multimeter.

Poster Vc99

It also measures the temperature

When choosing a versatile multimeter with a wide variety of useful functions, without a doubt the Poster Vc99 is one of the most attractive, if you add that it is the most economical on the market, which provides added value. Like other similar devices, this multimeter consists of an LCD screen with a maximum reading of 5999 and up to 2000 uF. It is an automatic range that measures AC / DC current, voltage, resistance, frequency and duty cycle, however, one of its most striking features is that it also measures the temperature.

It is a compact, lightweight and made with good quality materials if a comparison of the price – value is made. It is also capable of providing special functions, including analog bars, symbol display unit, relative value measurement, among other qualities of great value for the work of electronics and electricity. Regarding its technical specifications, for direct current measurement, it has a range of 600mV to 6000V with an accuracy of 0.5%, a similar scale estimated for alternating current varying the accuracy up to 0.8% and an intensity that reaches 600 mA with 1.2% accuracy

This best multimeter has protection against overload in all its functions and, a point of special attention is that it is able to store the recorded data to take notes. It also has a low battery voltage indicator, a support for the hands-free use an automatic shut-off function that goes into action if after 15 minutes there is no more use of the device.

Digital Multimeter Clamp FixKit TL-M4-ESBS

The one of the ampere clamp

One of the most striking qualities of this multimeter is that it comes with the clamp meter to measure voltage and direct and alternating current. In addition, it is capable of measuring other load ranges such as resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, continuity and even temperature test. It also has low battery indicator and overload. It is a device that is less expensive if a comparison is made with others available in the market and is highly accurate because it offers accurate readings when measuring linear or non-linear loads even without taking into account the waveform.

Another of its great advantages is that it is an auto range device, light, and portable and it is not necessary to have the very advanced knowledge to use it properly. In the opinion of those who have already acquired an equal one, its characteristics make it ideal for the electricity enthusiast and even to have it at home. However, the fact that it is a simple device to use does not imply that it does not have advanced functions. The FixKit is so good and versatile that they also recommend it for factories and, in schools, where it is used to teach the basics of electricity. No doubt its quality is foolproof.

The digital multimeter of this manufacturer has another great point in favor and is that its meter complies with GB / T 13978-92, which establishes the general conditions of technology in this type of devices. This instrument is also adapted to the IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032 standard that meets the electronic safety measurement requirements of the device, which is why it can be used without any concern.

Among other elements included in this tester are the backlight and head light bracket that is used for special situations. Like other similar devices, this also contains an automatic shut-off function for saving electricity if, after 15 minutes, no use has been made. Experts consider each of these the best multimeter and the most appropriate to test electrical and maintenance equipment.

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